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Jan 27, 2004
*tOdAY was BoRiNG as CRAP!*

hey sexy daddies and mommas! .. yah today was o-so very borin! man i REALLY dis-like noSeY people! wow its like they have nothin else to do except MIND MY BUSINESS! lord! LoL! ah haley n dustin are back together..thats the most dramtic couple ever! but i love haley so whatever makes her happy i reckon! but ne-who! we didnt have showchoir after school! yay! i hate havin to stay after school for showchoir! OmG! durin 3rd per everybody was makin fun of me and sayin i was ditzy and crap! which is soo not true! haha but it was fun-e! then coach britt kept tellin me to give up on my *dream* of marryin eli manning! but ill NEVER give up! haha! i LOVE eli manning! woo! tonight we have a stupid concert! eh! lol! oh well i gotta go! ill write later*maybe*! loves! ~*kait*~

Posted at 04:03 pm by kaitlynslife
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Jan 24, 2004
*ehh today was alright*

hey yall crazy crackers! umm today i went out to eat with ashlynn! shes sucha sweetheart! lol! we went to the mall and mexican kitchen yum! neways! yeah! i love her momma shes sooo crazy! yeah tonight we have showchoir AGAIN! ugh! its like we NEVER have a free weekend! *GOSH* but thats ok! i talked to brandon this morning :) he is sucha goober! but then my phone went dead soo i didnt talk to him for long! lol! YEaH! last night after showchoir me n kaitlyn richards got our dresses mixed up soo i had hers and MINE i took both of em! dont ask me how that happened..but at like 9 this mornin she called lookin for her dress and wow guess what i had it! lol! i dont even know how that happend but oh well! i get to see kayla hinton tonight! *YAY!* i loveee kayla! shes sucha dork! hehe! we went to the ymca the other night and it was soo fun-e! she cracks meee up! neways im fixna go take a nap! im so tired *yawn*!

Posted at 03:06 pm by kaitlynslife
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Jan 23, 2004
*ToDaY is ...umm OK?*

HeY GuyS n GaLs! today was *ok* i guess! yeah! we had a showchoir performance tonight! we did pretty good i think! at school today it was soo funny in math! GOFF was talkin bout all kinds of crazy crap! it was funny! then in mrs edwards class she got on to me AGAIN for talkin :) wow! lol i gotta be quite in that class! yeah WOW last night me n jordan went to the soccer game! wow some really hott guys play soccer for south jones! o yes! me n jordan went and sat on souths side on "accident" haha! yah and the guys were warmin up right beside us :)! yah...neways! im WAY tired! soo ill write later! *i loveee you!* ~kaitlyn~

Posted at 10:53 pm by kaitlynslife
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